Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Perfume 101

So you finally found the perfume you have been waiting for your whole life. You spent a fortune and you didn't care because this was the one! It is your signature scent in a cute little bottle. It fits you personality and you just love everything about it!

There is only one problem....

It doesn't last!!!

In this blog I want to share few little secrets on how to keep your favourite perfume lasting from the early mornings until the fun nights out.

Apply perfume on your pulse points, for example your wrists and under your ears. The skin is warmer here and it will increase the scent. During the summer when I like to wear skirts and shorts I like to apply it behind my knees. I know it sounds crazy but it works!

Do not rub your wrists together! This will apply too much heat and will make the perfume evaporate faster. This also changes the scent of the perfume.

If you  feel like really putting a spell on someone special (wink, wink) apply it on your baby hairs on the back of your neck. The perfume will stick to the hairs and the scent will slowly release with every flip of your hair. You can also spray your brush before combing your hair.

Always apply perfume on clean skin. I know this one seems obvious but the oils and dirt on the skin can really change the substance of the perfume giving it a very different smell. Also, consider applying Vaseline or cream with the same fragrance before applying perfume if you have dry skin. This will make your perfume last much longer.


Many of us are proud of our perfume collections and love to have a pretty vanity display in our bright bedroom. Try to keep your perfume in a dry dark place. Strong light and warm temperature can change the scent so try to keep it away from windows. Also, you might want to keep the original box and return the bottle in the box after every use. On average perfumes last 3 to 5 years so if it starts to smell different or if you notice discoloration just throw it out. I know some of us get attached to our perfumes but just remember - the love is not as strong as it used to be, you need to move on!

Lastly - Do not over do it. A little amount goes a long way!



marthakriska said...

Thanks for the tips! Do you have any other advice on the best perfumes to use for prom? Our prom readers want to know. ;)

ZoesBeautyBlog said...

Thanks for the comment Martha! As for your question I think every person has different taste when it comes to parfumes. But, when we are talking prom you do want to wear something stronger. I've been really liking Prada Candy and Oh, Lola by Marc Jacobs. They are amazing but lets face it also very expensive. So, if you want a cheaper alternative check out This is the "younger" version of Avon. I love their perfumes especially mark Jewel Eau de Toilette Spray. It's only $24!!! Hope that helps xoxo